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Teacher School Project Form
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Is this a whole class project?   Yes    No
Is this a whole grade project?   Yes    No
If possible, please give us at least a few days notice to gather materials before you assign the project to your students. This will allow us to make a list of materials available for them, and to send over these items to the school if you want them for in-class work. We can also send them to the library for in-library use if it is a whole grade project in cooperation with the school librarian.
Date project is being assigned:
Date project will be finished:
Please give us a brief synopsis of what will be covered in this project. Also include items you do not wish to include, such as for a biography project you are assigning historical subjects but not allowing pop stars.
Is this a recurring project that the library would want to consider buying additional resources for future use?   Yes    No
Would you like a list of our materials e-mailed to you?   Yes    No
Would you like us to send materials to the school to be used in class or in the library?