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Inter-Library Loan Form

PLEASE NOTE: There is a limit of 10 ILL requests checked out per family at any one time.  Items must be returned before further ILL requests will be taken and processed.  A maximum of 30 ILL requests per calendar month is allowed.  Limitations are in place due to limited staff time, limited space on State transport vans, and the liability of the library to pay for lost items should a patron fail to return ILL items  Please search the BPL catalog before requesting an item via Inter-Library Loan. We only request items the library does not own or multiple copies needed for book groups.
Do not do general requests for a subject; this form is to order a specific title. Should you need assistance with a general subject search, please call 664-9715 and staff will be happy to help you. Please request only what you can reasonably read within a 3 week loan period as multiple renewals require phone calls to each lending library and some libraries do not renew ILL loans.There is a .25 per day/per item fee for overdue ILL materials.

Please fill out the following form completely.
Inter-library loan items are brought to us via-van from all across the state; please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery. Please be aware that new bestsellers may be hard for us to obtain since many libraries do not loan new items for at least one year. We will try our best to fill all ILL requests promptly. We will inform you via phone or e-mail should we not be able to fill your request immediately.

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Should this item not be found in the State of New Hampshire, we can do an out-of-state search for the item for a fee of $4.00, payable at the time you pick up the item at the library. Would you like us to perform an out of State Search for this book?
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