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Affordable Care Act
Information to help patrons understand their healthcare options.
Read the full law here! - See if you qualify for lower cost coverage. Answer your questions about finding coverage near you. See the HEALTH INSURANCE MARKETPLACE and find out what kind of coverage you will need. Marketplace Help Center: 1-800-318-2596
Henry J. Kaiser Family foundation - FREE INSURANCE CALCULATOR! Get the latest news and information on health care reform topics in your area. - Department of Health and Human Services - Key features and facts about the Affordable Care Act. - Health Insurance: Understanding what it covers.
MedlinePlus - Trusted Health Information for You!
Blue Cross Blue Shield -  Anthem has been charged with setting up the marketplaces in NH, so they are a good source for this specific information. site regularly updated.
University of Pittsburgh Medical Center - What are the facts? How does it affect you?  Learn more about [the Affordable Care Act], patient protection and the Affordable Care Act, gives you answers in plain English. Then you can make the choice that’s best for you, and for your health. It’s that simple.

Wentworth Douglass Hospital is offering onsite Health Insurance Marketplace Assistance Monday - Friday in Registration Room #3 (off the main lobby) from 9am-1pm and at the Financial Assistance Office, located at 121 Broadway in Dover from 8:30am-4pm or by calling 603-740-3342.
Wentworth Douglass Hospital is located at 789 Central Ave in Dover